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  • trade license copy of the Tenant
  • Copy of Ejari/Tenancy contract
  • NOC from Building owner/real estate/management
  • Affection/site plan
  • Existing and proposed drawings
  • Existing smoke/heat detector layout
  • Proposed smoke/heat detector layout
  • Existing emergency & exit light layout
  • Proposed emergency & exit light layout

About us

Dubai Municipality Approval is a process that you need to go through if your product or service will be sold in Dubai, UAE. This process involves basic paperwork, and a written submission from you, the business owner who owns the product or service. Dubai Municipality approval can be very confusing for first-time applicants. We will explain what are the steps involved in obtaining DM approval.

We have a team of experts who will support you during the entire Dubai Municipality approval process. Get your approvals done as quickly as possible without any issues. We know, Dubai Municipality approval is a huge achievement. We are a team of experts who are here to support you throughout the whole process and make sure you get your approvals done as quickly and easily as possible.