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Dewa Approval Service in Dubai

DEWA approval service will meet your need for approval for the affiliation of electricity and water. It is divided into multiple categories to allow customers to choose which services are needed.As a Dewa approved contractor, we provide best quality of the services. We strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and meet the requirements established by the DEWA. We believe in offering the best quality of services at an affordable price, so that you can be confident your Affairs will be in safe hands.

About us

Storm Power is a DEWA approved contractor registered in Dubai. Our MEP division offer complete electrical solutions, our services include Electrical Design, Supply, Installation, DEWA Fit out Approval, DEWA Additional Load Approval, DEWA Additional Meter Approval , DEWA Water Meter Approval DEWA Approval for shop merging, as well as commissioning in all over Dubai.

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What are the Documents required for DEWA Approval service DUBAI, UAE ?

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  • Fit out dewa approvals For shop, office warehouse etc
  • Wiring layouts for lighting
  • Built Approval
  • BOQ approval Duct Installation
  • Cable Diversion Works estimation
  • Department of Economic Development (DED) Trade license
  • Sample of materials used and Specification Approval
  • Electrical Sub-Contractor Approval (Cable diversion work)
  • GIS Land Base Upadate
  • All applications must be submitted through DEWA’s online portal. Our team will help you compile and upload all the essential documents and a full set of MEP drawings
  • Once submitted, you can check the status of the application online and you will be notified through SMS and emails. Usually, It takes up to seven working days to receive a NOC from DEWA
  • Once DEWA approves the technical drawings, then , we submit an application for a technical field inspection
  • Subject to approval, DEWA will then arrange installation meters and release the power connection, once the security deposit has been paid, which you can directly do through DEWA’s online portal

Dewa approved contractor
in Dubai, UAE

We have been working with DEWA’s fit-out division for seven years. As DEWA approval contractors, We know their requirements and procedures very well, and have worked on several commercial structures and residential buildings. So, if you are looking for getting your project approved by DEWA, feel free to contact us!

As one of the leading contract, construction and project management companies in Dubai and the UAE, we are well positioned to handle the contracting process for your projects. Considering the challenges that arise during DEWA checks and inspections, we have developed solutions to satisfy both our clients and the contractor. Our experienced team of specialists can assist your business in obtaining an NOC from DEWA.

We're here to assist you through the entire DEWA application process. We'll assist with your documentation and uploads, track your application status, arrange field inspections and coordinate with DEWA on electrical installations. With our help, you can be sure that your project is approved in no time!

DEWA approvals can be a long process. We make it easy by organising the paperwork and ensuring that the drawings and documents are as per the rules. We take feedback from authorities at an early design phase to ensure approvals are granted easily.